KATIA DI PERNA - Singer / Actor / Dancer
UDA 104231 / Actra AM. 14147

HEIGHT: 5’7”
WEIGHT: 130 lbs.
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
LANGUAGES: English, French, and some Italian


The Goldfish Add. Dialogue Rec. Debbie Abrahamson
Naked Josh Actor Showcase
The Fountain Stand-In/Rachel Weisz Fountain Prod. (Muse) inc. / Daren Aronofsky
A Silent Love Actor Federico Hidalgo / Atopia Prod.
15/Love Photo-Double Galafilm Productions
Taking Lives Special Skills Taking Lives Productions Inc. / D.J Caruso
Aviator Cigarette Girl Appian Way Productions Inc. / Martin Scorsese
Ciao Bella   Family Friend  Patrick Sauvé / Cirrus Communications Inc.  
Seriously Weird Student Erik Canuel / Cine-Group
Obsessed Flight Attendant John Madham / Mania Prod. (Muse) Inc.
L'Auberge du Chien Noir Role Muet/SOC Radio-Canada


Night Fever (Musical Revue)

Singer LCQ Productions / Rene Simard
Danse-Sing (Musical Revue)

Singer / Dancer

Les Productions Danse-Sing / Sophye Nolet

Il Etait Une Fois ... Un Cabaret

Singer / Dancer Les Productions Danse-Sing / Sophye Nolet
Charles Philip  "Je L'Aime Trop" Back Vocalist / Dancer Black Angel Prod. Fernando Inc.
A Hatful of Rain Lead MSOPA, Dir. Dale Hayes
Lost In Yonkers Lead MSOPA, Dir. Dale Hayes
A Chorus Line Lead John Abbott College, Dir. R. Burns, M. Napier
Twelve Angry Jurors Lead John Abbott College, Dir, M. Napier, R. Burns
Pippin Actor / Dancer John Abbott College, Dir. R. Burns, M. Napier
Comedy of Errors Actor John Abbott College, Dir. T. Donald
Jesus Christ Superstar Ensemble / Dancer John Abbott College, Dir. M. Napier, R. Burns

MUSIC VIDEOS: (All with Infini-T)
Never Play Myself Lead NuFilms, Dir. JF Pilon, Chor. C. Rotella
Right Now Lead Proteus Ent. (TO) Dir.P.Gladstone, Chor.N. DeLecia
Comme Toi Lead Vortex Prod. Dir. J-P Gauthier
Comment T’Oublier Lead Vortex Prod. Dir. M. Jolicoeur
Si Lead Spyke Film, Dir. F. Bejin

Electric Circus Featured Musical Act Much Music (TO)
Open Mike with Mike Bullard Featured Musical Act CTV/ Comedy Network (TO)
Canada AM Featured Musical Act CTV Network (TO)
Le Point J Featured Musical Act Prod. J / TVA Network
La Fureur Featured Musical Act Guy Cloutier Prod. / Radio Canada
Le Grand Blond Featured Musical Act Zone 3 - I inc. / TVA Network

Radio Jingle
" Tapis Couture"
Voice Over / Singer Les Productions Sur Mesure inc.
Radio "Trace FM" Voice Over / Station ID's Peak Studios
Rona Star Canadian Tour Dancer Les Productions Dance-Sing / Sophye Nolet
Alter Ego Lead Singer / Dancer Stephane Tremblay / Groupe Alter Ego
Infini-T / “Lethal” Recording Artist Level Music / Musicor
Infini-T / “2000…A L’Infini” Recording Artist Level Music / Musicor
Molson Party Animal Tour Dancer Karina Nardi, Chor. Caroline Gervais
Montreal Alouettes Football Cheerleader Alouettes Football / Annie Larouche


Alison Darcy: Status Work and Actioning
MSOPA Foundation I & II – Improv., Characterization
Audition Techniques
With: Dale Hayes  
  Voice and Speech
With: Farell Kaufman  
TheatreWorks: Audition Bootcamp
With: David Schaap & Lynne Adams  
John Abbott College Theater Workshops – Script Interpretation
With: Marray Napier, Rob Burns, Terry Donald  
 LaSalle Music Academy Voice, Vocal Technique, Sight Singing, Breathing Technique, Harmonizing
With: Louie LaPosta, Gloria Polcari  
Other Vocal Training : Steven Scott, Rob Burns, Maude Grenier, Trisha Pope
Dance Training : Michael Fennell, Connie Rotella, Nicki DeLecia (LA)

DANCE: Jazz, Funk, Street, Hip Hop, Tap
SINGING: Pop, Dance, Disco, R&B, Soul, Rock, Musical Theater
Vocal Range: C# below middle C, E one octave above middle C
Swimming, Snowboarding, Skiing, Driving etc….